Selling Homes with Good Chi

selling homes with good chi l home selling advice

Selling homes with good chi is no different than working with people with good energy. They both make you feel good.  I have always been gifted with clients radiating great energy. How often do we think about homes having positive vibes too?

Understanding some basic principles of Feng Shui can help bring you and your home back into balance.  A stress-free home is not only important for every homeowner, but it is important to a potential buyer as well.  A happy home is easier to sell. Continue reading

Austin Housing Market Predictions

Austin Housing Market Predictions? It’s that time of year when I’m asked to take out the crystal ball and predict what the future will hold. Homeowners start to question whether to sell now. Homebuyers don’t know whether to start shopping now or wait until spring. Continue reading

How to Buy a House When you Already Own One

How to buy a house when you already have one? There has been a lot of moving in Austin, quite frankly nationwide.  Over the last two years, the pandemic provided some fluidity to the national workforce and virtual proximity to the office, providing the opportunity to move here to Austin with the same job. The arrival of more tech companies created job opportunities for those seeking a fresh start.  Lastly, the historically low-interest rates, coupled with the influx of buyers created an abundance of demand, which elevated equity almost overnight. Continue reading

Want to Sell your Home? What Else do you Want?

Want to Sell your Home?  The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University asked if I would write a blog article a couple of weeks ago directed to agents. The market has changed a lot in a very short time. As busy as I am, it has taken even me a minute to adjust, so it is hard to wrap my head around how hard it must be for new agents or even those less active than I. The article I wrote was about having a ‘show me the money’ meeting with buyers. Getting pre-approved for a loan doesn’t necessarily mean you have enough money to buy a home in Austin. It just means you qualify for a loan. Continue reading

Selling a Home in Austin through the Looking Glass

Selling a home in Austin can be a strange experience as a homeowner right now. Austin is weird. Why should selling a home be any different? There are tons of mixed messages out there in terms of what to expect when selling a home in Austin. Yes, Austin is a hot real estate market. It’s been a hot market for years, that is not new news. What’s changed is the proportion of different buyers that make up the market.

Selling a Home in Austin

Austin has always had an influx of new residents. In recent years, the amount of inbound out-of-state new buyers has increased at an exponential speed creating a new narrative when talking about Austin’s affordability. Continue reading

1520 Parkfield Circle, Round Rock 78664

1520 Parkfield CircleLocated in the Windy Park subdivision of Round Rock, this sun-filled single-story home for sale at 1520 Parkfield Circle in Round Rock, Texas features 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and a one-car attached garage.  Don’t let its small size full you! At only 948 square feet (per tax records) this home packs plenty of punch with its updates and improvements. No HOA.

1520 Parkfield Slide Show

Continue reading

Austin area real estate hits a perfect storm as a blizzard of buyers meets a hot market

The holidays bring out a plethora of emotions and this year real estate is doing that as well.  There just aren’t enough homes out there for everyone who wants to move.  The Austin Board of Realtors® does a great job creating the infographics I post every month.  The data certainly tells the story, but the graphics really paint the picture.  It is hard to express how hot the market is to people until I can actually show them.  Some buyers think only the particular market they are looking in is hot. We are in a collective buyers’ blizzard right now. It is hot all over the Central Texas real estate market right now with no signs of cooling off. Continue reading