Looking for Rosedale homes for sale?  If you’re looking for a neighborhood that seamlessly blends old-world charm with modern updates, Rosedale Austin might be the perfect fit for you. Once farm and dairy land in the 1800s, Rosedale began developing into a thriving community of florists and nurseries in the early 1900s. The early tree plantings made by these nurseries created a unique contribution to the landscape, adding character to the neighborhood that is still appreciated today. Despite the modern updates that have been made over the years, Rosedale has managed to maintain its historic charm, making it a truly special place to call home.

Located in north-central Austin, Rosedale offers residence convenience to shopping, downtown, neighborhood parks, and pools. The community of Rosedale is as unique as its landscape.  The array of housing styles and sizes makes it appealing to many.

Rosedale Homes for Sale

Where is Rosedale Austin Texas located?

Rosedale is bordered by 38th Street to the south, Shoal Creek Boulevard to the west, North Loop / Hancock Drive to the north, and Lamar Boulevard to the east.

What types of home styles will you find in Rosedale?

Housing sizes vary, from original quaint bungalows, but a nice mix of larger contemporary and mid-century designs are available.

Things to do in the Rosedale Austin area

What school district is Rosedale located in?

Rosedale is located in the Austin Independent School District.

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