The Only Market is the Present One

Austin real estate market

Stay in the present. It is the only market that matters when buying or selling a home. Currently, the Austin real estate market is finding its footing as it starts to balance out. Some homes have had price adjustments, a portion has been sitting for a month or more, and others are selling in less than a week.
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Real Estate Inventory Reaches One Month

real estate inventoryThe real estate market doesn’t appear to be at base camp anymore. It’s climbed the mountain, possibly reached the summit, and now seems to be hanging out, smelling the remains of the May flowers. According to ABoR’s Central Texas Housing Market Report, the real estate inventory for all 5 counties that make up the Austin Central Texas Realty Information Service (ACTRIS) and Austin – Round Rock Metropolitan Statistical Area is now at a one-month supply. Continue reading

Austin Real Estate has been Shaken not Stirred

Austin Real Estate Market has been shaken no stirred.If Austin real estate was a cocktail, it has been rattled around in a shaker in recent years. The mix of the jarring jump in home prices, the steady climb of interest rates, and now the gut-punch of tax valuations; it’s enough to make buyers, sellers, investors, and owners alike feel like they have just been battered by ice cubes in a beverage shaker. Continue reading

Sold Home in Northwest Austin

Sold in Northwest AustinI just sold this Northwest Austin beauty in Overlook at Cat Mountain. After 5 months of searching, It’s the first home my clients actually made an offer on and we were fortunate to be chosen within multiple offers. It was truly a find as my clients really didn’t want a pool and all we were finding were homes that had them. For my clients, finding the ideal location was a bit of a challenge as the commuting distance was an important factor. Continue reading

The Real Estate Multiverse is Madness

The real estate market is a multiverse. There really is no single simple market anymore. Back in the day real estate had basic reference points and avenues for everyone. The options were fairly black and white. Those were simpler times.

Then it happened. The real estate market started to split into a multiverse.
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It’s Always Spring for the Austin Real Estate Market

It is always the spring season from Austin real estate

When is the best time to buy a home in Austin? It was yesterday. When is the best time to sell? It is today. Austin real estate and every other market always operate in a constant state of looking in the rearview mirror. We use the past to predict the future, to value the present, and use it to reflect on what might have been. The constant state of reflection and prediction makes it hard to actually stay in the present whether you are a buyer or a seller.  Continue reading