Welcome to the MAYcember real estate market

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The MAYcember real estate market is here. Spring has arrived, but it doesn’t quite look or feel like it, at least not in Central Texas. I think Mother Nature is a bit confused this month. April showers are supposed to bring May flowers – but we had them early this year. Instead of stopping to smell the roses, we have to hustle. It’s Maycember, after all. This is the month when there is not enough time in the day like December, only without gifts at the end. Our plates are full with prom season, graduation, college move-out, end-of-school, wedding season, and for many the start of home buying and selling season. Continue reading

Spring Austin Real Estate Market: Sales Bloom

AUSTIN, Texas —In April, closed listings across the Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown MSA increased 5.9% to 2,708 sales, the highest year-over-year increase in residential homes sold this year, while the median home price rose 1.1% to $469,998. The data demonstrates that there is a collective sense of confidence and optimism in the housing market among both homebuyers and sellers according to the latest Central Texas Housing Report.
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Austin Real Estate Market Shifts: More Homes, Buyer Options

Austin Real Estate News

Austin Real Estate News – In March, new home listings across the Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown MSA jumped to 4,714 new listings, 10.2% more than March 2023, leading to multiple markets reaching four months of inventory, according to the latest Central Texas Housing Report. The data indicates that homeowners have confidence in their ability to sell their homes for good value while buyers now have a larger selection of home options, helping to keep price growth flat.
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Unlocking Austin Texas Real Estate

Unlocking Austin Texas Real Estate l Moving to Austin Tx l move to AustinPeople are still moving to Austin TX. Some even want to move to Austin again. It may be taking a little longer to buy a property partly because of affordability and supply. While the supply is the best it’s been in years, it’s not a compact inventory. The Austin real estate footprint continues to expand its reach in every direction.  Buyers may be able to choose a zip code, but not necessarily a neighborhood.

One of the reasons choices are limited is that homeowners are locked into historically low mortgage interest rates they aren’t motivated to lose – until they get the bug, that is. Once they get the buyer’s bug, the only cure is to buy. 

For sellers who need to sell to purchase another home – that bug is getting hungry if it’s been around for a while. Now that the interest rates have settled down, the decision to move forward with the sale is a little more palatable. Lower interest rates will not only help with affordability, but they will also help with supply.

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Find A Home for the Holidays: Austin Real Estate Market Tips

Santas workshop in Zilker Park. Finding a home. Austin real estate market advice. Home buying tips. Home selling tips. Advice from real estate expert, Doreen Zelma, Realtor, Broker Associate The holiday season is officially upon us. ‘Tis the season to make those lists, check them twice, and then rewrite them. Here is some Austin real estate market advice on those wants and needs in your next home including home buying tips, home selling tips, and how to check that must-have list twice. Continue reading

Selling Homes with Good Chi

selling homes with good chi l home selling advice

Selling homes with good chi is no different than working with people with good energy. They both make you feel good.  I have always been gifted with clients radiating great energy. How often do we think about homes having positive vibes too?

Understanding some basic principles of Feng Shui can help bring you and your home back into balance.  A stress-free home is not only important for every homeowner, but it is important to a potential buyer as well.  A happy home is easier to sell. Continue reading

Austin homes for sale or on sale

Austin homes for sale and on sale

Are you looking for Austin homes for sale or on sale?  You can find both types in any home search but they are very different. Price adjustments are consistent right now because homes don’t enter the market at the same time. Some were listed in August, others joined in September, and more were placed on the market yesterday. The August market was trying to rekindle the gold rush of home prices from the spring and winter months.  August is also six months old. The September market doesn’t mean much today either. What matters is now which is why many home prices are decreasing.

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