The Real Estate Multiverse is Madness

The real estate market is a multiverse. There really is no single simple market anymore. Back in the day real estate had basic reference points and avenues for everyone. The options were fairly black and white. Those were simpler times.

Then it happened. The real estate market started to split into a multiverse.
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It’s Always Spring for the Austin Real Estate Market

It is always the spring season from Austin real estate

When is the best time to buy a home in Austin? It was yesterday. When is the best time to sell? It is today. Austin real estate and every other market always operate in a constant state of looking in the rearview mirror. We use the past to predict the future, to value the present, and use it to reflect on what might have been. The constant state of reflection and prediction makes it hard to actually stay in the present whether you are a buyer or a seller.  Continue reading

Keeping Austin Real Estate Real

Screen capture of the MLS Active Homes for Sale in the Austin Round Rock MSA

Screen capture of the MLS Active Homes for Sale in the Austin Round Rock MSA (2/18/22)

Austin housing market data is basically a rinse and repeat of the months before. Austin real estate activity in Central Texas is greatly influenced by price points right now over the location.

Back in the day, a buyer would choose an area they wanted to focus on. On a grand scale, they might choose one zip code, but would often scale that further down to an actual area within that zip code like Travis Heights or Tarrytown. Some might even scale that down further to a neighborhood like Circle C or River Place. Those were the days when there could be a large price differential between neighboring zip codes or even communities.

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Buying a Home? Make a List and Check it Twice

Santa's Workshop at the Zilker Trail of LightsThe holiday season is officially upon us, though honestly, it feels like it started in September. ‘Tis the season to make lists and there are lots of them. A list to tell you what needs to be done after work, on the weekend, and even at lunch. On top of that, we manage a calendar this time of year probably more than any other. Continue reading

Austin Housing Market Predictions

Austin Housing Market Predictions? It’s that time of year when I’m asked to take out the crystal ball and predict what the future will hold. Homeowners start to question whether to sell now. Homebuyers don’t know whether to start shopping now or wait until spring. Continue reading

How to Buy a House When you Already Own One

How to buy a house when you already have one? There has been a lot of moving in Austin, quite frankly nationwide.  Over the last two years, the pandemic provided some fluidity to the national workforce and virtual proximity to the office, providing the opportunity to move here to Austin with the same job. The arrival of more tech companies created job opportunities for those seeking a fresh start.  Lastly, the historically low-interest rates, coupled with the influx of buyers created an abundance of demand, which elevated equity almost overnight. Continue reading

Just Sold Home in Twin Creeks Country Club Community

Single Story home with front porchI just sold this Cedar Park beauty in Twin Creeks. It’s the first home my clients actually made an offer on and we were fortunate to be chosen within multiple offers. It was truly a find as a single-story home in a golf course community with a 3-car garage backing to green space. For my clients, with family already living in the community – it is truly a place to call home. ❤ Continue reading