Swimming Pool Tips when Buying or Selling a Home

Austin Homes for sale with pools l swimming pool tips l Buying homes with poolsSwimming pools are an instant source of entertainment, relaxation, and exercise. They provide a backyard retreat, a tranquil view, and a luxury marker some buyers dream about having. For those real estate buyers who want a pool, houses with them are much easier to sell. Forget the condition of the house– that oasis in the backyard, especially on a hot day kind of sells itself, doesn’t it?

Pools can often be a hindrance more than a help when selling. Not everyone wants a pool. I would say 70% of people do not. Pools cost money and time to maintain. In addition, there are safety concerns for people with small children and pets. They can also take up a lot of yard space.

Real Estate Swimming Pool Tips for Both Buyers and Sellers:

Swimming Pool Owners and Future Sellers
• Maintain and update your pool. Nobody wants to buy a money pit (literally).
• If you can afford to switch to saline – it is a selling feature.
• If you own in a subdivision where most homes have a private pool…buyers will be comparing your ‘pool’ appeal.
•Make sure the pool area looks clean, maintained, and inviting.

Buying a Home with a Pool
• Most general inspectors will not inspect a pool, but many pool companies do. Have a pool inspection – they can be costly to fix.
• If you want to know how much it costs to maintain a pool including what you will spend on chemicals, electricity, and water, the answer is: don’t get a pool! They can be costly, and if you are already watching your budget — a pool is going to blow it.
• Remember, pools limit your potential number of buyers, so they can take longer to sell when the time comes.

Community Pools in Austin

Austin Texas has a variety of options for people who want to enjoy a pool, but don’t want to maintain one. Many planned single-family home communities, like Circle C Ranch in Austin, have pools that are included with HOA fees or may require a nominal additional fee. Condominium communities in Austin often have a private pool as well for residents. An automated home search can be customized to only include properties with pools and/or community pools.

Public Pools and Swimming Holes in Austin
There are many public pools in Austin as well. According to the website, the Austin Parks and Recreation Aquatic Division currently manages 45 public aquatic facilities, including 7 regional pools, 3 community pools, 22 neighborhood pools, 1 Wading pool, Barton Springs Pool, and 11 splash pads. The most well-known pool is Barton Springs, located in Zilker Park. Centrally located in the neighborhood of Barton Hills, Barton Springs Pool is spring-fed, just over 900 feet long, and maintains a consistent temperature of 68 degrees year-round. Hamilton Pool Preserve is a unique, historic swimming hole located just outside of Austin in Dripping Springs. The canyon, grotto, and waterfall provide a picturesque and popular summer attraction within the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve.

Before you venture out to find some chilling relaxation, it is wise to go to the pool or local watering hole’s website to check on visitor status.