Keeping Cool During the Home Buying Process

Austin Texas is hot and I’m not just talking about the temperature. According to the May Central Texas Housing Report, we’ve got less than 2 months of residential real estate inventory overall, which is certainly keeping everyone on their toes. Temperature-wise, if buyers have flexibility in their schedule, it is often best to go early in the day. Cooler temps keep spirits high and make the process more enjoyable for all.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created additional hurdles for home buyers

I often say the only fun part in the home buying process is looking at homes, so when you take that away, it’s a little less joyful. COVID-19 has certainly slowed things down a bit and created its own set of unique challenges. Some buyers have less flexibility with the kiddos at home, while others can’t get away from a Zoom meeting.

Real estate inventory in Austin

Real estate inventory in Austin is low and so flexibility is key. It is not necessarily a good strategy to go on a five home tour these days, because that inventory may be gone by the time you come up with five. A better strategy is going on a must-see tour during the week that may only include one or two homes. You are only buying one home, so its best to see that home you are really interested in and go write an offer than to wait days to see a few homes at once, only to find they are all pending.

Buying a House in Austin

We often refer to cooler heads prevailing in an emotional sense, but in Texas, the term is just as applicable to the temperature outside. The more comfortable the home buyer is when looking, the more focused they will be to choose the right house. Remember buyers –  you only need one.