Selling Homes with Good Chi

selling homes with good chi l home selling advice

Selling homes with good chi, are really no different than working with people with good energy.  They both make you feel good.  I have always been gifted with clients radiating great energy. How often do we think about homes having positive vibes too?

Understanding some basic principles of Feng Shui can help bring you and your home back into balance.  A stress-free home is not only important for every homeowner, but it is important to a potential buyer as well.  A happy home is easier to sell.

Home Improvements Start with Good Chi

Chi is energy. Star Wars fans may identify more with the idea of The Force. The energy that binds the galaxy together is the chi that flows through us and our homes. When our chi is blocked, energy is zapped and we feel sad. Houses are no different than living beings when it comes to chi. When chi is constantly flowing through our homes – we feel good. That is why we often feel better after cleaning them. Clutter blocks chi, which is why we feel suffocated when it starts to build up.

Send Buyers Good Vibes

Buyers pick up on positive and negative chi very quickly. Sending positive vibes out to the universe can not only be good for you but good for a living space as well.  When the energy is good, it can immediately light up even if the house is not exactly a match. On the flip side, when the energy is bad, buyers either can’t wait to leave or start picking the house apart.

If you are just trying to feel more in harmony with your home, sometimes a good cleaning is all you need. That cleaning also includes a certain level of de-cluttering. Everything on that dining room table needs to go to its proper home, papers need to be filed and everything lining the stairs needs to go to the second floor. If you are selling a home, it is time to take things to the next level. You have all seen the TV shows – it’s time to keep it, sell it, toss it, or donate it. Don’t move things you don’t want and don’t squish them in the closet either.

Homes Need to Breathe

When selling, living space needs to have good chi and closets do as well. Buyers want to open closets and feel like there is room. When a closet is disorganized and stuffed to the max – the buyer’s brain says “there is no room in here for my things.” Garages and cabinets need to be organized too. If you want to keep things but know your house is overstuffed, renting self-storage space may help.

Giving a home space to breathe will help you do so as well. The positive chi will flow, which will not only make you feel good but feel good to be home.

I offer smudging kits to my clients when I feel a home needs a little bit of a cleanse. It is intended to promote peace and balance within you and your space. It includes sage and a few other tools to clear the negative within a home.

Sending you all good vibes.