Austin Real Estate News February 2023

Austin Real Estate market news

Austin real estate news from Doreen for February is here. In January, median home prices dropped 6.3% to $450,000 year over year, the largest price drop since July 2011, according to the Austin Board of REALTORS® latest Central Texas Housing Report. Despite the price decrease, monthly housing inventory stayed flat at 2.7 months of inventory from December 2022, demonstrating that this market is still in need of more housing as the industry standard is that six months of available inventory is considered a balanced market between buyers and sellers.

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Moving to Austin Texas? Take an iDrive First

Moving to AustinMoving to Austin? Moving within Austin? Let’s define where because Austin doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone anymore.

Over the years moving to Austin has not only expanded in height in terms of condo towers, but it has spread out in terms of landscape. The city of Austin has a defined border. Geographically, the 2020 U.S. Census defined it as almost 320 square miles. When Austin is referred to as an area, instead of a city, we start to enter a gray zone. Continue reading

Austin Real Estate News January 2023

Austin Real Estate News January 2023

Austin real estate news from Doreen for January is here. In 2022, the median price for a home in the Austin-Round Rock MSA set a new annual record of $503,000, according to the December 2022 and Year-End Central Texas Housing Market Report released by the Austin Board of REALTORS®. Despite this record, the housing market continued shifting towards buyers as home sales declined and inventory increased, with homes on the market for 31 days, 11 days more than in 2021.

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Austin homes for sale or on sale

Austin homes for sale and on sale

Are you looking for Austin homes for sale or on sale?  You can find both types in any home search but they are very different. Price adjustments are consistent right now because homes don’t enter the market at the same time. Some were listed in August, others joined in September, and more were placed on the market yesterday. The August market was trying to rekindle the gold rush of home prices from the spring and winter months.  August is also six months old. The September market doesn’t mean much today either. What matters is now which is why many home prices are decreasing.

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The Best Time to Buy or Sell a House

The Best Time to Buy a House. The Best Time to Sell a House.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so the song goes. Is it the most wonderful time to buy a house? That all depends.

The best time to buy or sell a house is when it’s your best time. There is a list of tasks to be checked off regardless of what side of the table you sit on. Waiting to take advantage of the market du jour will result in missing it. It takes work to buy or sell a home and anything that takes effort generally takes time.

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Austin Real Estate News December

Austin Real Estate News

Austin real estate news from Doreen for December is here. For the first time since February 2019, median home prices in the Austin-Round Rock MSA experienced a 0% year-over-year increase. The data is according to the Austin Board of REALTORS® November 2022 Central Texas Housing Market Report. As housing inventory and days on the market continue to steadily increase across the MSA, the report indicates normal market activity could be here to stay.   Austin’s housing market maintains its trajectory toward balance and sustainability. For the first time since the spring of 2020, there were no records broken for home sales or median price in either the MSA or the City of Austin.

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Real Estate Deals in New Builds and 3-2-1 Buy Downs

Austin real estate New Builds and 3-2-1 Buy Downs are Hot

Looking for Austin real estate deals?  Ready to buy a home or sell one? It’s time to make a move because Austin real estate is in a let’s make a deal market. Buyers who are serious about passing go can find their match with a seller ready to move on.

Home prices are up over last year, but the incline is now a steady slope. Interest rates are somewhat stable right now and inventory is high enough to have choices. There are plenty of real estate deals to be had out there for those that want to play. Price reductions, closing cost allowances, and rate buy-downs are all the rage.

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