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  6. What you said about the neighbors being the best advertisers is so true! Personally, I’m such a show-off when it comes to my own home that I give tours of mine even when it isn’t for sale!

  7. This is so true. I don’t know how many times I have shown a home only for a buyer to turned off due to the colors on the wall. I remind them that paint colors are easliy changed but most buyers prefer to just move in and not have to spend the time and money to change the wall colors. Going neutral is the best for mass appeal to buyers.

  8. Location, location, location is true! And, when considering the price of a condo, make sure to take into consideration the HOA fees and what they include. If they include electricity and hot water, for example, you may not have much of a utility bill. Consider both the HOA fees and reduced bills for what you’ll owe each month!

  9. It’s surprising how much money buyers think painters charge. If you have bold colors and don’t want to change them, consider having a bid from a painter handy and offer potential buyers a contribution towards closing costs in the amount of the bid. That won’t work for buyers without vision – but it couldn’t hurt 😉

  10. yeah its hard to be an individual with your home then try to sell it down the road – what’s gorgeous lipstick on you may not be on the next – I always say live the way you want to live but be prepared to change it.

  11. I love Kaboom and Fabuloso (did not make that up). Ikea can be a great resource, a lot of times I tell clients buy staging items you actually like and want to use again, that way they get excited for new additions to the home.

    One of my favorite things is fresh new hand towels – I hate dingy towels!

  12. That is so true; so many times when I am out showing homes to a buyer something will come up and they will want a last minute show of a home (perhaps it didn’t show in our criteria, but driving by the home while we are looking at others, it peaks their interest). Sellers who are prepared for these last-minute showings are opening themselves up to more buyers in the long run.

  13. Agreed! There are many times when I can’t get in last minute with a buyer that we don’t go back. Anecdotally, I just had a client remind me that I strong-armed my way into showing the East Austin condo she ended up buying. She said she wouldn’t have returned to the building if we hadn’t made it in that day.

  14. I’m curious..why is Parkside at Slaughter Creek called a “starter community” and “good for investors” when the houses range from 180K-250K in a town where the average property value is around 200K? Tanglewood Forest is not referred to this way, and the houses range much lower down to 149K., and is located next door to one of the highest crime areas in Austin (Manchacha/Slaughter)with Sec. 8 housing right next door? The middle/high schools at Parkside are the same as Tanglewood (Paredes/Akins), while Parkside shares the same elementary school with Onion Creek (Blazier), which has tested higher than the next 4 closest schools on the west side of the highway on standardized state tests. The builder at Parkside (Standard Pacific) was rated the best builder in Austin 2010 by JDPower and Associates, and Parkside is the only community in South Austin to have been built by StanPac, but this is also conveniently neglected by not just this blog, but RE agents in general, and I would like to know why.


  15. I referred to Parkside at Slaughter Creek as being ‘attractive’ to first time home buyers and investors. One of the things that makes it an attractive is the fact that it is a newer community. Its about 5 years old. Tanglewood Forest has a variety of appeal, duplexes, fourplexes and yes even single family homes that are great for first time homeowners. I will note your insight about the builder and may add that content when I update the page. Thanks for the feedback!

  16. Thank you for this post. It is great insight into what the Austin real estate market looks like. Has the Austin real estate market changed at all since this post? I would be interested in knowing.

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  17. Thank you for your feedback, Doreen. I’ll be sure to share your link on the Parkside website used by our residents; I’m sure they will appreciate the consideration as well. Feel free to mention our numerous parks, playgrounds and constant-level ponds throughout our greenbelt that our residents and their children use for fishing/kayaking. Thanks.

  18. well that’s awesome that the Statesman picked it up – I actually have some clients that are a year from buying but are interested in that area – it’s a really cool development.

  19. I’ve had several occasions when my buyer was only in town for the day and some of the sellers would not let us see their home that day. I can’t sell a house that the buyer has not seen.

  20. I like your term butterfly effect, i’ve always called it the ripple effect. of course i’t nice when it happens for the positive rather than the negative, like the Domain that was starting to be ignored. Now with all the shopping people want to live over there.