Austin Neighborhood Spotlights

What’s going on in a neighborhood near you? I have selected some random neighborhoods in Austin and cities surrounding it, to provide some current real estate market data. If there is an area or neighborhood you would like me to spotlight – just let me know.

Overall, the Austin market is going strong into 2011 strong. Neighborhoods averaging 3 months or less are considered to be seller’s markets, because there is a demand to live in them. Neighborhoods averaging 4 to 6 months are considered neutral markets. Six months or more time on the market is considered to be buyer’s markets. The exceptions to this rule: luxury properties over $800,000, simply due to less buyers and new homes under construction where the houses are actively marketed before or during building.

Austin Homes for Sale

Hyde Park (Central Austin)
Number of Active Homes on the Market: 10
Average Days on Market: 124
Median Home Price: $ 323,500

Jester Estates (Northwest Austin)
Number of Active Homes on the Market: 8
Average Days on Market: 127
Median Home Price: $ 423,700

Rob Roy (West Austin)
Number of Active Homes on the Market: 11
Average Days on Market: 202
Median Home Price: $ 1,250,000

Onion Creek (South Austin)
Number of Active Homes on the Market: 30
Average Days on Market: 142
Median Home Price: $ 310,950

Plum Creek (Kyle)
Number of Active Homes on the Market: 24
Average Days on Market: 71
Median Home Price: $ 143,825

5 thoughts on “Austin Neighborhood Spotlights

  1. I’m curious..why is Parkside at Slaughter Creek called a “starter community” and “good for investors” when the houses range from 180K-250K in a town where the average property value is around 200K? Tanglewood Forest is not referred to this way, and the houses range much lower down to 149K., and is located next door to one of the highest crime areas in Austin (Manchacha/Slaughter)with Sec. 8 housing right next door? The middle/high schools at Parkside are the same as Tanglewood (Paredes/Akins), while Parkside shares the same elementary school with Onion Creek (Blazier), which has tested higher than the next 4 closest schools on the west side of the highway on standardized state tests. The builder at Parkside (Standard Pacific) was rated the best builder in Austin 2010 by JDPower and Associates, and Parkside is the only community in South Austin to have been built by StanPac, but this is also conveniently neglected by not just this blog, but RE agents in general, and I would like to know why.


  2. I referred to Parkside at Slaughter Creek as being ‘attractive’ to first time home buyers and investors. One of the things that makes it an attractive is the fact that it is a newer community. Its about 5 years old. Tanglewood Forest has a variety of appeal, duplexes, fourplexes and yes even single family homes that are great for first time homeowners. I will note your insight about the builder and may add that content when I update the page. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Thank you for this post. It is great insight into what the Austin real estate market looks like. Has the Austin real estate market changed at all since this post? I would be interested in knowing.

    Local Real Estate Gainesville, FL

  4. Thank you for your feedback, Doreen. I’ll be sure to share your link on the Parkside website used by our residents; I’m sure they will appreciate the consideration as well. Feel free to mention our numerous parks, playgrounds and constant-level ponds throughout our greenbelt that our residents and their children use for fishing/kayaking. Thanks.

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