If you did not already know…I teach the Sell a Home class to both new and seasoned agents who join Keller Williams. Last week, I had a student ask me what I do differently when selling homes with pools. I guess the look on my face wasn’t one that my class expected; because ‘POOL’ is literally and can be figuratively a four-letter word in real estate. For Buyers, who want a pool… houses with them are that much easier to sell. Forget the condition of the house– that oasis in the backyard, especially on a hot day kind of sells itself; doesn’t it? After all, they make great sources of entertainment for children and adults alike. They are an instant vacation.

For Sellers, pools can be more of a hindrance than a help. Not everyone wants a pool. In fact, I’ll say 65% of people don’t. Pools cost money and time to maintain. In addition, there are safety concerns for people with small children. They can also take up a lot of yard space.

So, here are my dos and don’ts for pools, for both Buyers and Sellers.

Sellers: Maintain and update your pool. Nobody wants to buy a money pit (literally). If you can switch to saline – do it.

Buyers: If you buy in a subdivision where most homes have a pool…make sure the pool is up-to-date. You want to have one of the better pools in the subdivision. If you want to know how much it costs to maintain a pool and how much you will spend on electric – the answer is – you don’t want a pool! They can be costly and if you are already watching your budget – a pool is going to blow it.

Now, I am not anti-pools. I grew up having one. My experience is that they are great for certain moments in time. But, remember: you will spend more time staring at your pool, then you will spend in it. Once more, pools don’t necessarily add monetary substance. I rarely, factor them into a list price, simply due to the lower buyer pool they attract. So, if you have one….make sure it shines.

Doreen Zelma

Realtor, GRI

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