Tis the Season

I had lunch with a former client last week, who asked me if my business slows down this time of year.  The truth is my business just changes.  It doesn’t really slow down, because I don’t really slow down.  The one thing I tend to do a little less of between Thanksgiving and Christmas is open houses.  Buyers who don’t have agents tend to go to open houses.  When you are looking for a house on your own, you tend to have other things to do on the weekends during the holiday season, especially if you are not really focused on what you want, or what you can afford.  Buyers who have agents, have the luxury of having someone else help them, which saves time, so serious people are still out there buying.  At the end of the day, Buyers still need and want to buy, and Sellers still need and want to sell.

I love listing homes this time of year for a couple of reasons.  The first, is because people tend to have company this time of year, so they are naturally organizing and cleaning.  Selling your home is not always a great motivator for cleaning it, so knowing Grandma Jean is coming to count the cobwebs tends to naturally motivate homeowners.
Do you know what the biggest day of the year to start looking for a house is?  It’s December 26th — the day after Christmas.  That’s my second reason I like listing homes this time of year, because we are ready for December 26th.  We have all of the marketing in place and the house is clean and organized.  So, as I would say:  It’s ShowTime!

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