Love Thy Neighbor

The number one reason why sellers do not want to have an open house is because they don’t want neighbors to come.  Yes, sometimes the neighbors you love, like or could live without, will transition into ‘nosey’ neighbor status when its time to sell your home.  All of their curiosities about what color you painted the living room, or what room that window looks out from, can all be answered at an open house.   While I do appreciate and respect a seller’s desire for privacy, let me point out the benefit of neighbors visiting the open house.

There is no greater billboard for the positive features of your neighborhood,  than your neighbor.  Your neighbors have the inside scoop on what it’s really like to live in your community.  They know how long it takes to commute to a variety of areas, about local hot spots, even what corner the bus picks the kids up for school. 
The best part about neighbors coming is that they generally like the seller’s house better than their own.  Either the storage is better, or the floorplan in the kitchen makes more sense, what ever the reason — it’s always positive and they are always eager to share their opinions with potential buyers.
There is no greater testimonial for a potential buyer, then hearing how happy neighbors love their community.  So, love thy neighbor.  They are your greatest cheerleaders. Remember, they have relatives, co-workers and friends and have the potential to bring you a great buyer.

2 thoughts on “Love Thy Neighbor

  1. What you said about the neighbors being the best advertisers is so true! Personally, I’m such a show-off when it comes to my own home that I give tours of mine even when it isn’t for sale!

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