The Spirit of 37th Street

Last night, I took a stroll down W 37th Street in Central Austin, to take in the holiday light display this street has been entertaining crowds with, for over 20 years.  Every year, homeowners on this tiny block, light up and decorate their homes, trees and everything else in their yards, in the spirit of the season.  The efforts here are purely voluntary – there is no organized committee or neighborhood association driving this.  Holiday spirit alone motivates and inspires 37th street neighbors to welcome the rest of Austin to pay a visit. 

W 37th Street Holiday Lights

West 37th Street can be accessed from Guadalupe Street. It is located north of the University of Texas.  The tree lined street is already filled with the character and charm of 1930’s style bungalows. You can drive down the street, but bare in mind, you will be going the pace of the car in front of you, which may be very slow.  The way to take in the holiday display is to find a parking spot and walk.  There are sidewalks on both side of the street and a Starbucks is steps away, for those looking for a nice hot drink for the walk.  One of the houses typically has a band, to provide some additional holiday cheer.

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