Get Your Home Sold

IMG_2346Listing appointments are more than just about the paperwork, market data and pricing.  I tour the home with a buyer’s eyes pointing out things along the way that have often been there for so long the owner doesn’t even see them anymore.

My suggestions start from the street, not inside the house.  I tell sellers all of the time that I want the house to look ‘light, bright and happy.’ I want buyers to feel good when they visit one of my listings from the moment they pull up to the house.

Here are some tips to get your home show ready or maybe just a little happier:

Creating Curb Appeal

•Replace dead plants with flowers
•Place garbage bins and recycling containers on the side of the house or in the garage. Doing so increases curb appeal and aids in parking in front of the house.
•Put the garden hose away when not in use.  Buyers don’t want to be walking over it to get to the front door.
•Paint your mail box and door knocker (if rusting) with some metallic paint.
•Replace the door mat.
•Hose off the front of the house, if needed (you can power wash but just be prepared to paint)
•Clean the gutters
•Rake and sweep dead leaves

Buyers are guests too.  Make the house clean enough for company.

♦The #1 thing I want owners to do when I list a house is clean.  When buyers see a 1970’s kitchen that is spotless, they comment on how clean it is.  It’s a blank canvas that can be updated someday and is considered usable the way it is.  When the same Buyers see a modern kitchen, that is dirty, it is a turn off.  It’s funny how the brain works, it doesn’t say “I can clean this”, like you would think; instead it says “I could never cook in here”.  If you don’t like to clean, hire someone – it is money well spent.

De-clutter kitchen counter tops by moving vitamins, medicine, knives and every appliance that is not essential into a cabinet or storage bin.  The more you remove from the counter — the bigger and cleaner it will look.  In the bathroom, find a new home for the toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrush and makeup.  Clutter becomes visual noise for buyers.

♦Organize kitchen drawers, pantries, shelves and closets.  Buyers will be looking in them.

Pride of Ownership

How a seller presents a home to a buyer says a lot about how they have taken care of it. A clean, organized home shows pride of ownership which gives the buyer a bit of confidence in terms of its overall condition.