The Best Time to Buy or Sell a House

The Best Time to Buy a House. The Best Time to Sell a House.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so the song goes. Is it the most wonderful time to buy a house? That all depends.

The best time to buy or sell a house is when it’s your best time. There is a list of tasks to be checked off regardless of what side of the table you sit on. Waiting to take advantage of the market du jour will result in missing it. It takes work to buy or sell a home and anything that takes effort generally takes time.

The Best Time to Buy or Sell a House is when it’s the right time

Time is not something everyone has this time of year. Between the extra shopping, baking, cleaning, and traveling, there is little free time to build into a day. This is why people start preparing for the holidays in November, or if you are my mother – even earlier. The goal is to be done before the holiday events begin.

There are a lot of little steps to reach your goal, whether getting ready for Santa or selling and buying a home. Just like the holidays, the process is not all fun. Some steps take longer than others and no one typically smiles through all of it. The goal is to be done on time, whether on December 25th or your closing date.

Start planning a real estate move as soon as you catch the bug. It’s kind of like the holiday spirit, but you can catch it any time of the year.

What’s the best time to buy a house?  What’s the best time to sell a house? 

The best time to buy or sell a house is when you have time.

For those who wished they refinanced, sold during the frenzy, or feel like they missed the market for whatever reason – I wish you a Happy Festivus. None of us have crystal balls or magic wands, there was a reason why you didn’t make a move. Honor that. It wasn’t the right time for you, so leave it with the grievance pole.

Want to make a move in 2023? Go ahead, add it to the holiday wish list now and start manifesting. Reaching out to me is the first step to making that wish come true.

I wish you a safe, happy and prosperous 2023!