Buying a Home? Make a List and Check it Twice

Santa's Workshop at the Zilker Trail of LightsThe holiday season is officially upon us, though honestly, it feels like it started in September. ‘Tis the season to make lists and there are lots of them. A list to tell you what needs to be done after work, on the weekend, and even at lunch. On top of that, we manage a calendar this time of year probably more than any other.

Home Buying Wish List

Some items on the list are mandatory, while others are considered luxury items. Certainly, they would be nice to have, but you will certainly find a way to survive without them. When buying a home, your wish list is no different. Like any list, your must-have features need to be at the top. Add too many items and you are either custom building or not buying anything. In the beginning, I suggest my clients start with items like location, price, and the number of bedrooms. From there, we look at the inventory and modify the list. Excluding an item like a pool, for example, or a known flood zone typically makes sense to modify first. It is better to just add a few items and see how many homes meet the existing criteria before adding more.

Home Buyer Check-List

The Austin real estate market inventory is very low. The goal is to find enough properties to have choices. After consulting with a client, if I can find 7 or more properties that meet the must-have list, then I know we are in the realm of matching expectations and goals. If the search is only pulling 2 houses, it may be because the search location is too small, the floorplan is not common for the desired location or the price point is simply too low. Like any list, the smaller your must-have criteria list, coupled with your flexibility – the greater your chance of getting through it.

Why Sell a Home During the Holiday Season

For homeowners, one of the major advantages of selling a home in the greater Austin area is the positive influx of out-of-state buyers moving to Austin. More people move to Austin than leave and many new hires start in January. New residents are eager to get themselves settled in a new home as soon as possible.

Buying a Home for the Holidays

A home is what people are buying. Those four walls generate the feeling of home this time of year, more than any other. So, it’s not a bad time to sell your property, after all, it’s a home people are looking for, not a house.

From My Home to Yours

As we inch closer to 2022, I wish you and your family a safe, healthy, happy holiday and a bright new year.