The Power of Wow


Every house needs a wow factor. As a listing agent, I try to highlight one when marketing a home to appeal to buyers. Buyers often have their own wow factor when touring a home as it can be a personal thing. A wow factor can be anything: an island kitchen, hand scraped floors, even a great price can turn a buyer’s head. I was in Driftwood two months ago and the neighboring house has an outdoor fireplace that was amazing. My clients and I just stood there and said “wow” in unison.

Austin area real estate is unique in that the hill country landscape adds some natural wow factors.  City, hillside and lake views all add an additional backdrop to many of the homes here.

A wow factor puts the exclamation point on a home and really sells it. Do you know what’s really interesting though? Rarely does the wow factor translate over the internet. You might be in like over the internet, but you won’t be in love until you see it in person. Even when price is the wow factor, it is often hard to see what might appeal to you over the internet.