Flooring has a Fashion Season

When I bought my first home way back in 1993, I installed hardwood floors. My options were pretty basic, so it was an easy choice, simple traditional oak floors that would match the aesthetic of my 1929 built home. Oh how 18 years have changed the options for hardwood flooring. Now we have engineered hardwood, a greater selection of green materials, exotics and colors galore. We have a variety of textures to choose from and sheens as well, making the selection not only overwhelming, but somewhat confusing, since not all of these newer woods hold up the same over time.

Sometimes we remodel because we want to and other times it is because we have to. Foundation repair may require drilling through those hardwood floors, dishwashers leak or at some point we decide to replace the carpet in bedrooms with wood. It’s important to note that flooring whether  wood, tile or even carpet goes in and out of style these days just like clothing. Matching up flooring becomes a nearly impossible task, so plan ahead. Buy extra tile and wood flooring, so if disaster strikes, you have some backup. My clients picked a home last year, purely because it was original. From the bathroom sink to the tile floors, it was mid-century modern throughout and it was being sold by the owners who built it. The house failed the static test which required the plumbers to go in through the 1965 tile flooring in order to fix the leak. It was so wonderful that the owners had planned ahead and had two extra boxes of the original tile, which really saved the aesthetic of the house. So, when you think about flooring, think ahead it may save you some grief and money in the future.