The Best Time to Sell a House

I often get asked when it is the best time to sell a house. More often than not, the answer is when the seller is ready. It’s not about a season anymore. Every season is strong in Austin. About 60 people are still moving to Travis County every day and the numbers are even higher in Williamson and Hays Counties. Yes, there are more homes on the market in Austin, in the spring, but as a seller – that also means more competition. Inventory is very low in Austin. There is a housing shortage which has existed for years.

There is no bad time to sell in Austin. Sellers are always excited by the for-sale sign being placed in the yard. It is milestone for sure, but in order to reach that point – you need to be ready. When this list is complete – it’s time to sell:

When to sell a House in Austin

  • 1. Moving motivation: pinpoint why you want to sell. Job changes aside, maybe you need an extra bedroom, more space, a bigger backyard, less maintenance, lifestyle choice – understanding why you want to move will help you start to plan.
  • 2. Plan: You are moving somewhere, but only half of that plan includes selling your home. Whether buying a new home or renting, you may need to get pre-qualified for a loan or do other financial planning. Look what is currently available on the market to see if the expectation matches reality.
  • 3. Saying farewell to procrastination: Start to put yourself in a moving mindset. Tackle those home improvement and maintenance projects you have been putting off.
  • 4. De-clutter: Moving costs money and everything takes up space, so don’t move things you don’t want. Go through papers, clothes, garage, attic, all of your storage and get rid of unwanted items before you go on sale. Your home will appear more spacious when you give those closets space to breathe.
  • 5. Clean, landscape and clean again. The most important thing you can do is clean your home.
    When the above list is done – you are ready to sell. There are exceptions to this timeline, as there are to every rule. Spring home sales inventory often rises because a move means a change in schools. Some sellers need/want to finish out the school year. A job transfer or financial crisis is going to move things along a little faster. You can’t plan for everything. Life often gets in the way. Time is a luxury item, so if you have it – take it and get ready.