New Home for the New Year

new years As we ring in 2015, many buyers have a new house on their list of New Year’s wishes. Historically the day after Christmas is the busiest day of the year to look of a house online. I alone, have shown 4 properties since Christmas, so buyers are out there. One of the benefits of looking this time of year is that school is still out of session in Austin, which makes it much easier to get around town. Many people also take off from work between Christmas and New Year’s which makes it a little less stressful with extra time available to shop for a home.

Holiday Buyers

Yes, this time of year can be a hassle for sellers who want to have a few pajama days and don’t want to leave the house. Keep in mind if people are looking for homes in Texas, in 30 degree weather during the holiday season — they are serious buyers. Buyers who are intent on buying now are the people your want looking at your home as opposed to the Looky Lou’s who are not buying until Spring.

Sell a Home by Showing a Home

The easiest way to sell a home is when the seller matches the intent of the buyer. You can’t sell it if you don’t show it, so if that buyer wants to see it and you want to sell it — let them come. Plug in that Christmas tree, throw on a coat and take a drive around the neighborhood. You can even stay in your pajamas.

Cheers to a safe, happy and prosperous 2015!