It’s Always Spring In Austin

photo by S. Nascimento

photo by
S. Nascimento

The notion that spring is the prime real estate season to buy and sell a home in Austin has not proven itself to be true in the last few years. There is so little inventory in the greater Austin area that fall buyers are becoming winter buyers, winter buyers are being pushed into the spring season and so-on. New buyers are entering the market all of the time and because existing buyers have not purchased a house yet, they don’t leave the market. In a balanced market buyers and sellers are flowing in and out of the market as inventory constantly turns over. The inventory of buyers right now, largely outweighs the inventory of homes.

Multiple Offers in Austin

When a house for sale receives multiple offers, there can only be one buyer. That buyer is not only relieved that the search is over, but truly feels like a winner. The rest of the buyers go back into the market pool and wait for the next home to try again. The lack of inventory has created an influx of buyers that stay in the market while new buyers are entering it. I get emailed lists of buyer needs daily from agents looking for homes for active buyers. They have seen everything available and are waiting for new choices.

Moving to Austin

There are some areas of Austin that will get an even bigger boost of buyers this spring and summer along with a little more inventory, because some buyers and sellers are driven to move based on the school year calendar.  Additional inventory would have to radically outweigh the number of buyers, which most likely will not happen. The seller’s market in Austin will continue to be a year round event until a change in economic conditions forces a shift.

Austin is a Global Market for Buyers

In real estate, we talk about the perfect marriage of price, condition and location to sell a home. When all 3 factors are in line with one another, buyers will come and a home will sell. Buyers are coming from all over the world to Austin because it offers the perfect marriage of price, condition and location for those who wish to call it home. When it comes to real estate, it is always spring in Austin.