Real Estate in the Rain


My client’s foundation was poured just before May’s rain days began

I think Mother Nature got a bit confused last month.  April showers are supposed to bring May flowers – not the other way around.  May, after all, is prom season, graduation season, wedding season and to many, the start of home buying season.  For many, May is simply the busy season which often requires a lot of planning and with all of this rain – re-planning. Lake Travis is now almost 70% full, which is good news, but as we well know it came at a cost to many with so much rain in so little time.

Home Shopping in the Rain

Looking for a house to buy in the rain creates opportunity for some buyers and disadvantage for others.  My advice varies based on the mindset of my client, the property description and what the must-have feature is.

Safety First

If I know that even in the rain, my buyer will right an offer – I advise that to go see it.  I am talking about light rain days like we experienced in early May, not the Memorial weekend storms.  In addition, if you are not familiar with an area, it is best to wait for a sunny day.  The threat of flooding in some areas is common even with very little rain, so if you don’t know an area well – it’s best to stay home.

Austin Real Estate Rain or Shine

On a typical rainy day, if my buyer is all about the kitchen and the yard is simply a place to let the dog out – we should go look at houses.  If we looking at an Austin condo – we should go see it as well. There are not very many outside features in a condominium you cannot see from a window, especially if it is located in downtown Austin.  If my buyer needs to see the condition of the exterior of the house or needs to walk the yard prior to making a decision – we should not go look.  The Austin market does not cater to looky-loos.  With so little inventory – the market is not waiting for good weather either.

Austin Weather

The weather can be very different when driving from North Austin to South Austin or vice versa.  Austin weather can also change very quickly.  There are weather apps you can download to watch the local radar on your phone.  Whether you look at houses in rain or shine, it is best to look when you are a ready, willing and able buyer.  If you are not willing to write an offer in the rain then wait.  The sun will be out tomorrow and if it is meant to be – the house will be waiting for you.

Stay safe, stay dry and donate to those in need.