Deck the Halls

‘Tis the season for shopping, baking, cooking, cleaning and maybe a little pepper spray in your eye. With all of the added things to find time for during the holidays, selling a home can seem an additional job we may not have time for. There are benefits though to selling during the holiday season and certainly things to be mindful of.

Austin Winter Real Estate Market

The holiday season is also the start of colder weather. In other parts of the country snow can really impact winter home sales. Fortunately, for the Austin real estate market snow and ice days are little and far between. Buyers can generally shop year round though it may be hard to find the time.

Only the must-see homes on the hot list make the cut this time of year. There are fewer buyers this time of year and with little time, those coming out to see a house are serious shoppers. Sellers will get less traffic but those that come out want or need to buy — now.

A decorated house brings warmth and whimsy to the décor which makes people feel good. Decorations help set the stage for your home. One of my sellers’ biggest challenges for selling a home is keeping it clean. Houses are generally cleaner this time of year because we clean anyway when friend and family are coming to visit.

Houses smell better this time of year as well. The real Christmas tree, those fresh baked cookies and gingerbread room deodorizers make buyers feel good when they come see your home.

There are many sellers that will take their house off the market between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always encourage by sellers to keep their houses on the market. Serious buyers will miss your home if it is not for sale.