Buyers are Guests too

happy familyBuyers come back for a second showing when they really like a house. If buyers don’t like a house the first time, they don’t come back. It’s important, for a seller, to make every showing count and not to let anyone in until they are 100% ready. It is often about the little things that make a good first impression. Replacing burnt light bulbs, lampshades, throw rugs, sweeping the walkway and cleaning the windows can give a house a mini face lift and really show pride of ownership. One of the benefits of selling a home this time of year is that many of those things happen anyway.

The Austin Home Buying Season is Year Round

Real estate does not slow down in Austin anymore during the winter months.  When selling a house any time of the year, you want to make it clean enough for company. This time of year getting a home ready to sell is easier since owners often have guests over, which adds some needed motivation to get a home spic and span. Making a buyer feel like a guest, will make them want to stay – which is exactly what you want them to do.