A picture is worth 1,000 words

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is no truer than referring to marketing properties for sale in Austin.  If an agent gives no written description about a property, but offers great pictures – buyers will come in droves.  On the flip-side, if an amazing story about a house is advertised, but with no pictures, people will question the validity of the story.  The more pictures that can be shown to market a property – the better.  I’m sure you have seen listings that only show the front of the house.  The instant question that comes to mind is: what’s wrong with the inside?   The only time that it is customary to only show the outside of a house is when you have a tenant living in it.

Austin Real Estate Listings

I typically hire a professional photographer to take pictures of my Austin Real Estate listings.  There are times that I utilize photos in magazines and brochures, in addition to on-line marketing.  The benefit to using a photographer is that the pictures are taken at such a high resolution that they translate well for any medium I choose.  Great pictures are also crisp, making rooms look very clean.  How many pictures have you seen that show the corner of room?  Professionals use a wide angle lens which helps capture rooms better.   If you want to see my latest listing at 7405 Teak Cove, Austin TX 78750 in Jester Point, follow the link.