Summertime Blues

I have been trying to preview as many properties as possible in the morning, while everyone is still busy at work.  Pictures can be deceiving for better or worse, and typically don’t show things like pantries, closets and sometimes even backyards.  Previewing properties without clients helps us rule out some things not worth seeing in the heat of the day, which happens to be when you get out of the office.  It allows us to focus on true possibilities in less time, which works out well especially with children in tow.  Children generally love looking at houses, but when they are getting in and out of their car seats in the heat, they loose interest pretty quickly which makes it a trying time for all.

Someone is watching your pets, but who is watching your house?

I have seen some houses where the owners have been away on vacation.  It is important to keep in mind when selling your home that plants need to be watered, garbage should be removed, and pools need to be tended to.  I had a reader last week whose pool turned an unappealing shade of dark green while they were away.  Just like keeping the house clean, pools need to be kept clean as well.  Buyers don’t know that people may be away, they just think there may be a problem or the pool is not being maintained.