Pride of Ownership doesn’t have a Price Tag

Pride of ownership does not come at a price point.  Homes can be found that are either cared for or neglected, whether you spend $150,000 or 1 million.  Just because you are willing spend more money, doesn’t guarantee a home in better condition.  People have relationships with their homes (not unlike how they relate to other people).  If a problem arises, some choose to ignore it, while others attack it head on.  There is often a reality check for the owner, when it comes time to sell, when the problems can’t be ignored anymore.

Sellers often realize that what hasn’t been repaired or replaced, will ultimately cost them in the end.  Money makes things go away. Owners think they are simply saving money by ignoring foundation problems, roof repair or whatever else may be deficient.  In realty though, they are simply differing the payment to the sale.  The home is worth less to a buyer and will take longer to sell when systems are in need of repair or replacement.