Ode to the Texas Fireplace

Did you ever notice its rarely the biggest things in life that give us the greatest chuckle?  Often, it’s the little things that go unnoticed, until were stumble on them accidentally.  I had one of those moments, when I sold yet another home with a unused fireplace.

Oh yeah.  Did you know Texans love their fireplaces?  It brings some monetary data points to a home, but the intrinsic appeal is huge.  It is often a must-have item for my buyers.  Yes, I can actually make a fireplace, criteria on a search.  What I find so amusing though, is the lack of use these must-have items receive. A fireplace is the only house hold ‘accessory’ I can think of, that is often never used.

I guess its presence brings about an option for use, which simply might be missed without it.  Sure, Santa will use it, even if no one else does.  It’s just symbolic for me of that childhood must-have toy, but once you got – you never played with it.  So, go on Texans – light those fireplaces!  At least, when you fill out those Seller’s Disclosure Notices – you will know if they work!