Make a New Home List and Check it Twice

The holiday season is all about lists. We make them, check them twice, and then because it is 2020, we throw them away and start new ones. Austin made Santa proud this year by making Wallethub’s Best Cities for Christmas list. If we have learned anything this year, it is to be more adaptable. We all think we are flexible and able to bend, but that was challenged this year (and I don’t mean with yoga). Life truly can change at any moment. For introverts and fans of dystopian drama, like me, adapting to staying indoors away from the social scene has been relatively easy. I think I was more prepared for zombies, but I feel like we leaned a little closer to the Hunger Games.

New Home List

It seemed like overnight, new home wish lists changed too. Suddenly, a desk area that wasn’t really needed, became the most prized space one could have. Wi-Fi access, which was once a secondary concern, now moved up the list. The drive for minimalist simplicity now includes the desire for more personal space. Pandemics change floor plans as lifestyles change. At the end of the day, what is no longer a perfect fit for one buyer, will certainly be the right fit for another.

Moving to Austin

Like any list, what a buyer wants in a new home has priorities too. Add too many items and you are either custom building or not buying anything. In the beginning, I suggest my clients start with items like location, price, size range, and the number of bedrooms. From there, we look at the inventory and modify it. This is the year to be adaptable, and looking for a home Austin, Round Rock, Buda, Kyle, Pflugerville, West Lake Hills, or anywhere else in Central Texas is no exception.

Home Inventory in Austin

Less is more right now because the home inventory in Austin, or anywhere near Austin,  is so low. It is better to just add a few criteria and see how many homes meet them before adding more. Like any list, the fewer line items – the greater the chance of getting through it.  Read about how hot the Austin real estate market was for November here.

Happy New Year!

As we inch closer to 2021, with just a few days left, I wish you and your family a safe, healthy holiday and a brighter new year.