Living Lakeside

Steps to Lake Travis

I have several clients currently looking for waterfront property. Waterfront is scarce simply due to the limited real estate available that surrounds the lake. What can limit the search even further is the intended use one expects to gain by owning waterfront property.

Waterfront property does not always mean direct access to the lake. Even direct access can vary from walking across a lawn directly into the lake to descending a steep flight of stairs. Maybe you want to have a boat docked in the water or the potential to have one. All of these are points to consider including the biggest one — do you even need to access the lake? Sure, water access may be nice to have, but maybe you only really want the view.

For many, water activities are seasonal. A nearby public boat dock or neighborhood park may offer enough convenience for water access. Maintenance, on the other hand is not seasonal. If a home has direct lake access, someone has to maintain the bock dock and the stairwell used to access the lake. These are added expenses that can be costly.  Another data point to be mindful of is flood insurance. Flood insurance is often required, which is another expense you will need to budget for.

There is nothing like having the lake as your neighbor.  It can provide constant entertainment. Just consider what you want and what you need from it — before you start your search. The greater Austin area touches Lake Austin, Lake Travis and Lady Bird Lake.  Access to the Town Lake Hike & Bike Trail can be found from waterfront condos like Milago.  There is now a waterfront page on my website that captures some of the waterfront properties available.