Beat the Heat

Austin, like all of Texas, is experiencing severe drought conditions. Record breaking heat and water conservation has caused some shifts in routine for all of us. For me, that means trying to get out early to look at houses whether I am with clients or previewing. I showed land in Smithville last Monday, which is just west of Bastrop. My clients and I started at 10:30, spending about a good 20 minutes at the first lot. As the day heated up, we started to select what lots we actually wanted to get out of the car for. We saw 14 lots in 2 hours.   Heat can be motivating!

Shifts in routine also include remembering to water plants after sunset and being mindful of our foundations. Dirt is like a sponge, when it dries out — it condenses. That dirt under your house is condensing too. Cement doesn’t bend, it cracks.  Having a drip system around your house is helpful. A hose with holes placed around your house can help water your plants and your foundation at the same time.