For Sale or On Sale?

Have you ever gone into a store and notice the items for sale on the clearance rack? Have you ever wondered how they got there? The items may have been damaged and therefore weren’t worth the same as its fellow items in ‘mint’ condition. For others, the items weren’t priced right to begin with. The product wasn’t being marketed the right buyers, so those that would have bought it — never saw it.

The real estate market is no different. There are houses that are in need of repair and therefore wind up on the ‘clearance rack’. Other times, houses wind up ‘on sale’ when they start out over priced. When your home is listed over the market, it won’t sell, because the listing is missing its intended market. Now, one might think that the home might seem like a deal for the next market up. The problem though, with that mindset is that the next market up is either bigger, more updated, or in a better location. An over priced home really doesn’t have an audience, so it ultimately sells for less than what it would have – if the home had been initially priced correctly.