Austin Market Spotlights

I have selected subdivisions in the greater Austin area and listed their current real estate market data.   My selection is based on the communities I have visited over the last 3 weeks.  This also happens to be my 100th blog post!

The data below is specific to single family houses, unless otherwise indicated.  If there is an area you want me to spotlight -please let me know.

Tarry Town  (Central)
Number of Active Houses on the Market:                      16

Average Days on Market:                                              81

Median List Price: $                                                  $606,500

Elliott Ranch (Buda)
Number of Active Houses on the Market:                     12

Average Days on Market:                                            99

Median List Price: $                                                 $432,400

Whispering Hollow  (Buda) Still Developing
Number of Active Houses on the Market:                     17

Average Days on Market:                                            59

Median List Price:                                                    $218,835                                              

Garlic Creek (Buda) Sill Developing
Number of Active Houses on the Market:                   16

Average Days on Market :                                         76

Median List Price:                                                   $199,106          

Austins Colony (East)
Number of Active Houses on the Market:                  18

Average Days on Market:                                          86

Median List Price:                                                   $109,950                                  

Pemberton Heights (Central)
Number of Active Houses on the Market:                    6

Average Days on Market:                                          71

Median List Price: $                                           $1,535,750

Towers of Town Lake (Downtown Condominium Community)

Number of Active Condos on the Market:                   9

Average Days on Market:                                         74

Median List Price:                                                    $289,500