Austin Condominiums and Pets


I moved to Austin, Texas with a cat and two dogs that weighed 160 pounds combined. So, when I talk about pet restrictions, it is something I relate to as I went through the process of first finding a place to rent and then ultimately purchasing a condominium home in Austin. Pets are companions, protectors and in some households, like children. They give unconditional love and loyalty. Once we have a pet in our life, it’s hard to picture our lives without one. A pet means a long term commitment, sometimes a decade or even two, so you need to be mindful of your future home when choosing one.

Moving to Austin with Pets

I had a client moving to Austin who had a pit bull and wanted to rent a home. Pit bulls are on most aggressive breeds lists, which include those for insurance companies. That means home owners with a pit bull, german shepard or doberman pinscher (to name a few) will pay higher insurance premiums because there are certain breeds whose temperment and strength have a higher incident of attacks.

Austin Condominiums

Understand, I’m not a hater. I have met plenty of pit bulls who wouldn’t even consider biting me, and I have owned a yorkshire terrier or two who has. Since, the odds are higher with certain breeds and will cause higher premiums, your housing options will be lower. Having an aggressive breed or even an exotic animal will limit your options for renting a home in Austin and certainly buying a condominium. Austin condominiums generally have pet restrictions which can include limiting the number of pets, type of pet and even weight. I even know of a condominium community that will let you have a dog, if you are an owner, but not if you are a tenant. I am certain part of this has to do with insurance as well. In a condominium community, rules and bylaws try to ensure a peaceful environment for those living in close proximity.

Your Pet may Outlive your Current Home

Many of you will own a pet longer than you will stay in your current residence. Asking about restrictions on a new home upfront will eliminate potential disappointment for you and your pets.