Buying the Perfect Austin Home

So you think you’ve found the perfect home, but is it perfect for you?  The path to actually buying it can prove otherwise if you haven’t done your homework.  The Austin Real Estate market is very strong.  Interest rates are low, many people have jobs and companies are moving here creating more opportunities for people.  Formula 1 has also added yet another head turning reason to consider moving to Austin for those out of state.  Houses in Austin are selling.  If you found the perfect house today and don’t know how you could buy it, you shouldn’t be looking…yet.  After all, if you can’t afford it…the house is not so perfect anymore.

Austin Homes for Sale

Whether you are purchasing a first home or simply want to move to another, you need to do some homework.  Everyone has an idea in their head of what they want to spend on a home, but many don’t know how that translates in terms of how much of a house they can actually afford.  Your debt to income ratio is only part of the formula.  The other consideration that lenders will look at is your credit score.  Many buyers I talk to have no idea what their credit score is.  Credit scores run between 300 and 850.  A credit score of 650 – 699 is generally considered moderate, while numbers between 700 and 850 are considered good to excellent.  The combination of the debt to income ratio and credit score will determine what loan programs are available, what the interest rate will be and ultimately how much you will qualify for.

Buying the Perfect Home

A lender will explain what your options are and then we will talk about them.  I always try and keep lifestyle in the mix to help you decide what you want to spend.  You may need to be at the high end of what you can qualify for if living near Downtown Austin is important.  Likewise, if you are planning to expand your family or will need to purchase a car and know your monthly expenses are going to increase as a result; you may want to spend less.   Once you do your homework, you will find a home that fits your financial and lifestyle criteria. It will be the perfect home – that is perfect for you.