Austin City Limits Music Festival sells Austin to future homeowners

The Austin City Limits Music Festival is an event for all of Austin, not just music lovers. Now in its nineth year, it has been reported that ACL will generate over $80 million for the city, of which $51 million will come from visitors.  Austin will host an average of 65,000 guests per day, most if not all; will be visiting Zilker Park where the event is held.  Those visitors will be staying in hotels, dining out, shopping and going to nightclubs, taking in everything Austin has to offer.

Real Estate sales are always interesting this weekend.  People often get sold on Austin this weekend, which generates home sales in the future when visitors ultimately decide to call it home.  Serious buyers will take a break from the music and will be shopping, simply because time is of the essence.  The Barton Hills, Zilker, SoCo, City of West Lake Hills and downtown, Austin areas will take center stage in terms of real estate, as visitors drive around exploring the shops and eateries thinking about what it would be like to actually live in the area, as they pass a house for sale.

Will it be a big open house weekend?  No.  Again, this is a weekend for serious buyers, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t a big real estate weekend.  The Austin City Limits Music Festival helps sell Austin to future buyers, who will decide to stop visiting and one day call it home.