What kind of a home are you?

bungalowThey say you are what you eat.  What kind of home you purchase can say something about you as well.  Austin is known for being weird.  The eclectic mix of politics, religion and style are as unique as the tastes in architecture, landscaping and design of Austinites who call this city home. There is quite a mix of homes for sale in Austin.

Homes for Sale in Austin offer a unique blend of vintage and modern designs

I have a client looking in South Central Austin right now, specifically in zip code 78704. We have discussed how you can just turn a corner and be in a different neighborhood with a completely different vibe.  I’ve had clients in the past who refer to master planned communities as ‘Disney Word’, because all of the homes conform to the same aesthetic tone. Other neighborhoods here look like something out of storybook with bungalow style homes and lemonade porches.

Bungalow Homes for Traditional Buyers in Austin

I have found, more often than not, that who you are, as a buyer, has a lot to do with what type of home you pick.  Buyers who like antiques, nostalgia or tend to like structure, tend to like colonial and bungalow style homes.  These buyers don’t care if the floors creek, have no finish and are original from the 1940’s.  To them, the floors as real wood and they appreciate the history and authenticity they represent.  These traditional buyers also like defined rooms. They like a formal dining room, separate from the kitchen and other rooms, because to them every room has a unique purpose and therefore should have a unique identity, which may simply mean a different paint color.

Dated homes ready for a remodel attract creative types in Austin

Unlike traditional, progressive buyers roll with the times.  In my experience these buyers tend to be creative, artist types who don’t always look at a house for what it is… but rather what it could be.  These buyers are deciding what walls they are knocking down and how they are going to expand the kitchen.  These are the dreamers who know very well they may never get to every project they envision, but see the potential and possibility.

Modern Austin homes for buyers who think out of the box

Lastly, modern buyers are similar to progressive type, but have a flare for drama.  These buyers are drawn to open floor plans and like mid-century, contemporary and modern design.  They feel boxed in with too many walls.  They like vaulted ceilings with a uniform tone between living areas.  To some people, these homes look like office buildings, but to modern home buyers, they are dramatic and unique – a work of art in their own right.

The funny thing is that you typically don’t like what you grew up with.  For example, I grew up in a mid-century modern single story home, but my brother, sister and I have always lived in 2-story traditional homes.  I find this to be the case with more of my buyers than not.  Maybe it’s the rebel in us or simply that we know deep down change is good.