Tis the Season to Sell

When I teach my Selling a Home class, I ask my students to explain to the difference between a ‘house’ and a ‘home’.  Most of them don’t consider the difference in those terms before I ask the question, but once posed, I start seeing light bulbs going on, and the tone becomes set to teach the class.

Sometimes, its easier for people to list a home during the holiday season.  People tend to shy away from it because they don’t want to move, but forget they are only marketing the house for sale.  Nobody said anything about moving.  There are lots of ways I can keep someone home for the holidays – not to mention, most buyers need a loan, which takes time.

People often find it easier is keeping their house cleaner in the holiday season.   This is a social time of year and with friends and family visiting, so you tend to keep up with the household choirs.  The house also tends to be naturally staged, from holiday decorations, to baking treats. Even the yard becomes low maintenance.

Those four walls generate the feeling of home this time of year, more than any other.  So, its not a bad time to market your property, after all it’s a home people are looking for, not a house.