Time Travel

There are certain areas of Austin that cannot be ignored when it comes to attracting families, and Circle C is certainly one of them.  The top reasons it remains one of the most family friendly master planned neighborhoods are its well rated schools, easy access to the highway for commuting, great recreational area and a golf course.  Did you know it has the only heated Olympic sized pool in Austin?

I pointed these fun facts out last week on a listing appointment, because sometimes owners forget what they have when they are selling a home.  Remembering why they bought the house from the inside is usually easy. The area amenities are often forgotten though, and are just as important.  Sometimes, it’s just like anything else – you’ve been driving by that recreation center for so long – that you just kind of forget it’s there.  The same holds true with the pool; no one in the family uses it anymore; so again, it’s just not important.

I even went on a listing appointment last year at a house on Lake Austin and I mean with a 180 degree view of the channel.  Do you know the owner said to me, “you know Doreen; I don’t even see it anymore”.

Amenities, like everything else, are often desired more at certain times in your life.  You tend to gravitate to these things as a Buyer, more than you do when you are a Seller, because you are buying into the lifestyle that the amenities are going to afford you.  When you are the Seller, those same things just aren’t as important anymore, because other things are more important. This is where time travel comes in.  At the closing table the buyer and the seller are typically very similar, but just at different points in time.

I support local Austin; after all I think it’s only neighborly.