The Age Wave Theory

Downsizing; it’s a trend we hear more often then not these days. For those that buy into the concept that living with less, de-cluttering can be good for the soul. For those, that can’t part with the Christmas plates, they haven’t taken out in 15 years, the concept of downsizing is stressful. At some point, there is a natural progression to live on the lighter side.

The most spending, in your life, is done in your 40’s and early 50’s. After that, you start migrating from a spending lifestyle to a saving lifestyle. It means spending less and downsizing. As baby boomers start shifting from this spending to saving mode, downsizing is becoming more apparent. So part of what is happening with our economy has to do with the majority of our population changing their spending habits naturally with age. It is a slow shift that started about a year ago. It’s called the Age Wave Theory, you can Google it for more information.

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