One of the most important things I tell students is the importance of listening to clients. Most people think listening comes naturally, and yet it is amazing what is missed when we are not paying attention.My Tarrytown clients have 2 cats, which was a concern when it came to allowing agents to show their home. I listened and having pets of my own, certainly understood their concern, so I offered a few different options on what to do. Pets often bring an interesting challenge. Dogs get excited and generally need to go outside when they have guests. Cats run for cover or want to give you a tour. Unfortunately, some people are afraid of dogs, and others have pet allergies, so they really don’t want Garfield rubbing on their pant leg.

Remember, moving can be a stressful time for your pets, as well. Strangers in their ‘dens’ can be quite unsettling. The best thing to do find a safe place for your furry friends to go whether it is family, doggy day care or even a crate in the garage. The goal is to keep them calm and secure, because if you have one, you know…they can be spiteful little creatures.