Austin Multi-Family Investment Properties

The Austin real estate market has experienced just as much sales growth over the last year for multi-family residences as it has for single family houses. Austin duplexes, tri-plexes, four-plexes, condominium and apartment developments are all considered multi-family real estate. Low inventory coupled by high occupancy and higher rents are creating increased positive flows which is fueling demand. So, how did we get here?

It all comes back to lack inventory and what had been a slowdown of development projects. The recession and the collapse of the sub-prime market are associated with job loss with increases in foreclosures and short sales. When banks started losing money they tightened the criteria for getting a loan, but also cut back on the development capital used to fund multi-family projects.

Investing in Austin

Two tenant profiles spiked very quickly in a short amount of time: the single family home owners who now have to rent and the first rental opportunity for the graduates who are now employed. What did not spike initially were the multi-family development projects to house them.

Four years ago we had plenty of housing. Although the downtown Austin skyline changed very quickly in 2007, it leveled out fairly fast. Some condominium development was even altered or placed on the backburner which help prevent what would have been over saturation.

Austin Multi-Family Homes

Now Austin is playing catch up. You only need to take a short drive around Austin to see that times have changed and new projects have broken ground. As Austin investment properties continue to be developed, lease amounts will level out a bit. Keep in mind though that Austin keeps growing. Half of my active client base right now does not even live in Austin – they are moving here. The need for Austin multi-family properties will always be in demand for both investors and tenants alike.