Playtime in Austin includes the Tax Credit Hustle

It was an amazing week to be in Austin last week. We started with the Zilker Park Kite Festival, then moved on to SXSW, and it was spring break.  All in all people were out and about exploring this wonderful city we live in.  Where was I?  A little bit of everywhere, buyers are hustling to meet the tax credit deadline, and I am moving them along.  My goal is to have everyone who cares about the tax credit to be under contract within the next week.  


Understand, we need our option period to decide whether to go forward with the house, and then there is of course, the financing hurdle.  I am advising my clients to keep the ball in someone else’s court while we shop.  If the Lender wants pay stubs, tax records, employer contact information…whatever it is, let’s get them the information they need, so we can get the file into underwriting as soon as possible.  


Lender qualifications change often, so it is important to keep in contact with them.  If for some reason, we fall out of contract and then need to find another house to purchase, we still have time to meet the deadline.