Kitchens Designed for Living

kitchenMy first house was built in 1939 and had a door on every entry point to the kitchen. The purpose was to keep the smells of the kitchen contained and possibly to keep traffic out while cooking. My how times have changed. Kitchens are not just for cooking anymore.  People find themselves multitasking constantly, so it’s no wonder why modern kitchens are designed for multiple purposes.

Austin New Home Builds

Open concept kitchens are common floor plan designs in new home builds in both single family houses and condos. The size of the home does not matter. I recently started planning a new build for a client in Northwest Austin. Every size and floor plan includes a desk area, bar area or center island.   New kitchen designs welcome people to congregate, provide more organization for home office space and sometimes even include a built-in dining space for your pets.

Kitchen Designs for Today’s Living

An open concept kitchen is often an extension of a living area in today’s new homes. When I am a designing home with a client I try to get them to think about the kitchen and living area as a unit. The idea is that you want the kitchen finishes to compliment the look of the living room furnishings. The selections available today in cabinetry, range hoods and back splash are more ornate in design and diverse in material, often becoming the focal point in the home.

Open Concept Kitchens

When I am showing older homes, many buyers have thoughts and ideas of taking walls down to open up the kitchen floor plan. Although HGTV and other home design programs make taking a wall down look easy – it often is not. Those walls were put there for a reason, so it is important to hire an engineer or building professional before breaking out that sledge hammer to find out what wall or column is load-bearing. Modifications may need to be made to help you achieve the look you want without compromising the structural integrity of the house.