Home for the Holidays

I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago about why sellers should keep their homes on the market during the holiday season. There are advantages for buyers as well during the holidays for those who can find some extra few hours in their shopping schedule. One thing buyers have going for them is that there are less people shopping for homes.

Fewer buyers mean fewer offers to sellers. I’ve talked before about wants and needs. Some owners need to sell now, they don’t just want to sell. Many people make job changes this time of year which nowadays, may mean moving to a different state. Sellers are often more flexible this time of year with price because they don’t have the buyer traffic they would have other times of the year – there is simply less demand. Investors know this, which is why I work with more investors this time of year than any other.

Interest rates are also very low right now, which gives you more buying power. You can qualify to spend more on a house when interest rates are low, than you can when they start to go up. Why? Lenders look at debt to income ratio when deciding to approve a buyer for a loan. Debt includes existing data like student loans and car payments, but the principle and interest on your proposed home purchase will also be a factor. The more you spend on interest the lower your principle payment on the house will need to be to meet the criteria of debt to income.

Real Estate Traffic

Ironically, another advantage this time of year for buyers is time. People often take off a few days between Christmas and New Years. When shopping for presents has ended, people often find they have extra time to look for a house without the stress of spending the day at work. In fact the busiest day to search for a home on-line is December 26th, the day after Christmas.

Happy Holidays to You,