Go with the Flow

I have seen many Austin properties for sale.  Lots of  things about a house can be changed including the paint, flooring, fixtures, even the kitchen cabinetry.  The one thing that can become cumbersome, expensive or nearly impossible is the floor plan.  Floor plans play a key role in determining how fast a house will sell and may ultimately affect what it will sell for.  A house needs to have a certain flow to it, which reflects how people live within it.  People often prefer the master bedroom on the main level to provide some separation and privacy.  Others like having a living area on the upper level.  A backyard door from the kitchen often makes for a better transition with pets and small children then directly into the living room.  Make no mistake, there is no perfect floor plan, everyone has slightly different routines when they enter a home and live within it. 

Routines often change too once you move in to a new house.  People think building a house is the answer, but 9 times out of 10, it is still not perfect.

Austin Properties for Sale

Some floor plans have nothing to do with how you live – but how you feel.  Feng Shui principles can be applied to floor plans as well, affecting overall peace of mind.  A house needs to have good chi, which is the energy that flows throughout a home.  For example, you never want to front door of a house to be aligned directly opposite the back door of a house, because the chi can escape too quickly.  Entering with a house with a wall in front of you also blocks the energy path through a house.   Furniture placement and plants are helpful when floor plans do not apply optimal feng shui principles, because you can use them to redirect the flow of energy.
How do you know when you have found a home with a good floor plan?  It’s really easy.  Just think about how it makes you feel on the inside.  If it makes you happy, it’s a good floor plan.