Eanes ISD: The Tale of 3 Cities

Available homes in the City of West Lake Hills

The Eanes Independent School District is currently comprised of 9 schools in the West Lake Hills area.  The Eanes district is known for its consistent exemplary status, which is the highest designation awarded in the State of Texas.   When most people think of Eanes, they think of the City of West Lake Hills.  The City of West Lake Hills is indeed in the Eanes district, as well as the City of Rollingwood, but an even larger portion of the district is in the City of Austin.

Currently, there are 224 single family houses for sale in Eanes ISD.  The City of West Lake Hills has 25 within the city limits, and the City of Austin has the remaining 199.  There are only 29 condos available for purchase in Eanes ISD and all are in Austin. (see maps to see general areas, I can only put 100 homes on a map, which is why there are 2 for the City of Austin.)

Looking by zip code?  There are 70 homes in Eanes ISD available for purchase in the 78733 zip code and 154 in 78746.  All of zip code 78733 is in the City of Austin which is on the west side of 360 (Capital of Texas Highway).

first 100 Available homes in Eanes in the City of Austin

Why haven’t I mentioned the City of Rollingwood?  Rollingwood is very small, so the inventory of available properties is always low.  I typically recommend buyers widen their search to include the City of West Lake Hills, if they are considering Rollingwood.

When considering looking in Eanes ISD, it is important to consider location to points of interest and distance to work.  As you can see from the pictures it covers a bit of ground which can mean an extra 20 minutes in commuting time depending on your destination.

second 100 available homes in Eanes in the City of Austin