Do what your mother told you – pick up your underwear

Selling a home can be challenging, between homes not appraising, buyers unable to obtain loans, throw in a hail storm (which can literally blow the roof off a deal) and you often feel like you’ve scaled Mt. Everest when you actually get to the closing table.  Having no control over many aspects that can go wrong, only makes taking control of things we can…that much more important.  

I often tell buyers, when its meant to be – it will, but that wisdom very much applies to Seller’s as well.  There isn’t always a logical reason why one house sells faster than another, sometimes it is an emotional one.  We don’t post remarks like wood flooring matched color of grand piano, or bedroom paint color matched bedding buyer already had.  Again – I didn’t say it was logical.

What should be logical for Seller’s are things like putting underwear away or picking up toys so that you can walk into a room.  Yes, some of the homes I saw last week defied logic.

I actually told a Seller last week that when he was serious about selling his home – to give me a call.  If they know you are coming…and still can’t pick up the underwear, are they serious Sellers?  You instantly get the message that they don’t really care to sell it.  Again – an emotional response, not typically the truth.   You want someone to buy it, right?  Serious Sellers will attract serious Buyers that really want to get to that closing table, so its important to send the right message.