Spring Condominiums offer multiple views

What condo tower in Austin, gives you multiple views in every unit?  Its Spring Condominiums. 

What do I like about Spring?  It is a 100% owner occupied building.  80% are primary residences, 20% are secondary.  The HOA is .38 cents a sq. ft, which is one of the lowest for Downtown living.  It has guest suites, so you don’t have to worry about where to keep your relatives.

Want more fun facts?  Only the exterior walls of the units are load bearing.  So, if you want to move an interior wall, or take one out – you can.  It also has gas cooking.  The big thing for me was the view…the layout of the units offers multiple views from each unit.  Typically, you have to choose a Downtown, or UT tower or lake view.  Most of these units had 2 or 3 unique views in each unit, so you don’t have to choose.

I support local Austin; after all I think it’s only neighborly.