Curb Appeal

We often focus on the inside of a home when planning to sell it and forget about the outside. Curb appeal gives a buyer a first impression, not only of your home — but also of you. To a buyer, a well kept home on the outside tends to reflect pride of ownership on the inside. Whether or not the assumption is true, is irrelevant when you are selling your home. You may never get a second chance to make first impression.

When we live for awhile in the same space, we often become blind, deaf and well, sometimes even dumb. How many times have you walked around that overgrown bush that has taken over your walkway, instead of just trimming it back? How often do you look at the weeds in your planting beds and try to convince yourself they are wild flowers? We all do it to varying degrees, so here are some reminders of things that need tending to when you are going to sell your home — clean the gutters, weed and mulch planting beds, cut back bushes, paint or power wash if the house looks dirty.

Sellers worry about the foyer in the entry, because in their minds it is the first thing a buyer will see. The truth is that the first thing a buyer sees is the front lawn.